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Preparing For Your Home Inspection

By John Nolan On February 18, 2017

Your home inspection is your best chance to gain information on the condition of what is likely to be the biggest investment of your lifetime. Below are some suggestions on how to get the most out of your inspection. Please note that many of the suggesstions will require some cooperation from the seller and if you happen to be purchasing a home without the services of a realtor, then the responsibility of interacting with the seller will be entirely yours.

Have Accepted OfferYour Offer Accepted

Real estate offers often contain language that makes the offer contingent upon the findings of a home inspection. This is what gives you permission to have the inspection performed. You will want to make sure that this language exists and has been agreed to. Otherwise you may be wasting your money inspecting a home that could be sold out from under you.

Gather InformationInformation

Make sure to look over the seller's disclosures. They may give you some idea of the repairs that will be necessary. Copies of previous inspections are also useful. Try to obtain copies of invoices or other documents for repairs or major work such as a new roof, appliance, or electrical/plumbing upgrades. These items may still be under warranty. You should also consider a visit to the town clerk for copies of building permits. Properly completed permits will ensure that a town building offical inspected the project, often at multiple stages during construction.

Turn Water Heater Thermostaton the Utilities

Often, if the house is vacant, the owner may shut down systems to save energy or have the home winterized. Systems that are shut down cannot be fully evaluated, so you will want to make sure they are in working order for the inspection. This means verifying that the electricity, gas, and water have been turned on. A winterized home will need to be de-winterized for the day (and may need to be re-winterized afterward). Make sure there is fuel in the oil tank, that pilot lights are lit, and water heaters are set to operating temperatures.

Prepare Inspection QuestionsQuestions

Chances are you've only visited the house once or twice before submitting your offer, so there are probably some areas of concern that didn't get a close look. Also note if there are systems or appliances that you aren't familiar with. Do you plan on remodelling but aren't sure if the modifications are feasible? Remember that the purpose of the inspection is not only to find defects, but to provide you with valuable information about its operation and maintenance.

Clear AtticWorkspaces

Ask the seller to remove obstacles. Furniture, storage, clothes, and other personal items can block access to the attic, basement, and/or crawlspaces. Furnaces, boilers, water heaters, oil tanks, air conditioners, and electrical panels should all have at least three feet of space around them for proper evaluation. Inspectors need working space, too! Also consider having items moved away from garage and basement walls. This makes it easier to find cracks and water penetration issues.

Consider Additional Inspections and TestsAdditional Testing

Other optional tests and inspections may be advisable, depending on the home. Septic systems should be cleaned and inspected. Pest control inspections, including termite/wood destroying insect inspections, may be advised or even required by your lender. Radon Testing is highly recommended for any home above the first floor. Well flow tests and water quality testing are advised for homes with private water supplies. All of these separate services are best scheduled for the same day and time as the home inspection as a matter of convenience for both the buyer and seller.

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